Monday, May 10, 2010

Weeping Norway Spruce Bare-Root Transplant Described In Detail...

Here's a link to web blog on trees in our landscape by a Boston area Blogger, Miss Deb Howe, called "Taking Place In The Trees". Landscaper's air tools are used to remove soil from huge trees so they may easily be moved (well, easier to move) and planted elsewhere, saving / utilizing a natural resource. Belknap Landscape is one of only a few New England companies using this technology and the story is about moving a large, unique Weeping Norway Spruce...

Belknap Landscape has been using air tools for transplanting, site preparation (excavating roots at foundation limit lines prior to the foundation excavation), and root forensics, and has also used compressed air powered air tools to reduce weight in larger balled & burlaped root balls being moved. See the details on this technology and a slide show as well!

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