Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Belknap Landscape Irrigation Teams Scheduling Now 

Although snow may still be on the ground, the time is upon us to begin scheduling the spring start-up of irrigation systems and checks of landscape lighting. 
We begin our season in late April to ensure completion by June 1st, all in time for the active growing season.
Included in an irrigation start-up is powering up your system from it's source either pump or domestic, checking through each zone for leaks or needed repairs, making adjustments as needed to rotors, sprays, and drip, and programming your controller for the growing season. This process should be followed by monthly monitoring to ensure your system's performance and make controller adjustments as season progresses through times of dry and wet weather conditions.
Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting
This is also the perfect time to check your landscape lighting as we can make adjustments to fixture aim, minor bulb replacement or schedule a complete system bulb change, as well as check thoroughly for any damage caused by snow and ice, rodents, or other hazards.
BLC Low-Voltage Lighting System Check-Ups 800 928 2798
BLC Low-Voltage Lighting System Check-Ups 800 928 2798

Maintenance Arrangements Are Easy
Many clients enjoy automatic start-up and winterization services. Let us know if you would like to be included in our hassle-free servicing and monthly monitoring.  We always strive to make sure your landscape systems are worry-free and enjoyable throughout the growing season.

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Contact:   Gerry DuBreuil, Irrigation and Landscape Lighting Division Manager  or 603.737-0015 Ext. 903 

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