Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Loon Preservation Committee

Over Thirty Years of Preserving Loons and Their Habitats In New Hampshire - Belknap Landscape continues to support this worthy environmental cause... 

The Loon Preservation Committee (LPC) was created in 1975 in response to concerns about a dramatically declining loon population and the effects of human activities on loons.  LPC’s mission is to restore and maintain a healthy population of loons throughout New Hampshire; to monitor the health and productivity of loon populations as sentinels of environmental quality; and to promote a greater understanding of loons and the larger natural world.

For 34 years, the Loon Preservation Committee has undertaken state-wide monitoring, research, management and outreach to preserve loons and their habitats.  LPC staff and a large grassroots network of over 1,500 members and volunteers work to:  

  • Monitor the number and breeding success of loons to identify trends and areas of concern;
  • Band loons to study their life history;
  • Rescue sick or injured loons to be rehabilitated and released;
  • Recover dead loons and non-viable eggs to determine contaminant levels and causes of death;
  • Quantify the challenges facing loons, and our success in helping loons cope with them;
  • Digitally map loon nesting and nursery sites to identify and protect critical habitat;
  • Build and float nesting rafts, and protect nesting loons on rafts and on natural nest sites;
  • Educate the public about loons through exhibits, presentations to schools and other groups, summer programs, signs, our website, and The Loon Center in Moultonborough;
  • Increase awareness and appreciation for loons and other wildlife in New Hampshire
  • Implement all of the above as part of a comprehensive Loon Recovery Plan to ensure the long-term viability of New Hampshire’s loon population.
Belknap Landscape has maintained a corporate giving program focused on environmental education for over 20 years as a Lakes Region landscape design-build company. We are proud to continue our support for those who truly love the loon! 

The Loon Center displays, exhibits, and award-winning videos introduce visitors to the wonders of New Hampshire's loons and other wildlife. And hey - Admission is FREE. Take your family and get some environmental education of your own! You'll quickly see why we support this cause.

From Route 25 at Moultonborough, turn onto Blake Road at Moultonborough Central School (look for The Loon Center sign). Go one mile to the end and turn right onto Lee’s Mill Road. The Loon Center and Wildlife Sanctuary are on the left. The Center hosts over 10,000 New Hampshire residents and visitors each year.

Here is a handy LINK to the Loon Preservation Committee website to learn how YOU CAN HELP!

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 604, Moultonborough, NH 03254
Physical Address: 183 Lee’s Mill Road, Moultonborough, NH 03254
Phone: 603-476-LOON (5666) Fax: 603-476-5497
Hours: The Loon Center Hours are 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m Mondays through Saturdays year round and seven days a week from July 1st to Columbus Day.

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