Saturday, March 6, 2010

State of the Art Equipment Used to Save Trees

We ran into a couple of seasoned Landscape Architects down in the Massachusetts area who collaborate on a terrific blog called Taking Place In The Trees with content related to our Landscape Design-Build focus and eco-friendly construction practices.

Deborah Howe is a registered Landscape Architect and ISA Certified Arborist. She is owner of the LightHall Company, a landscape architecture firm. Toby Wolf is on the Faculty at The Landscape Institute and the Owner at Tobias Wolf Landscape Architects.

Of particular interest to Lakes Region readers is the "Landscaper's Air Tool" story. Few New Hampshire landcare companies have invested in this state of the art technology. Belknap Landscape Company uses these tools all the time and with tremendous success - on trees most other companies would just cut down because they can't move and save them.

A landscaper's Air Tool enables BLC to move and save huge trees without root damage. Deb posted her story and associated pictures and video at this link: air tool transplant video - details on the moving of a very large London Plane tree (a large deciduous tree growing to 20–35 m high). The tree that was moved in Deb's story was about a 14″ caliper and a 30′ height - that's a really big tree!

BLC recently used landscape air tools at a property on Squam Lake in Center Harbor, NH. Instead of having to cut down all of the surrounding trees to make room for the new foundation, the new technology helped BLC to save the existing trees, providing the newly constructed home with a mature, natural landscape and protect the local ecology.

Few companies would even offer such a service; no other method provides such terrific results on large tree relocations! View our Portfolio Page to see our Tree Division at work?

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