Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Don't let your trees be Bored to Death!

Mauget Certified Plant Health Injections - an Exclusive Service by Belknap Landscape Company.

Mauget provides eco-friendly products that restore, maintain and enhance tree health, while preserving the integrity of the environment by providing the most innovative and effective products and application methods. Since 1958, Mauget has committed significant resources to research product improvements and training to promote the safety and success of their Certified Applicators, including Belknap Landscape.

What does Mauget do?

Mauget produces 'Plant Health Injections" to control many insect and disease problems. The products are directly injected into the plants. How? A small hole is drilled at the base of the tree and the pest control liquids are low-pressure dripped into the tree, until fully absorbed. This not only treats the problem more quickly and directly, but is more environmentally friendly than the traditional open air sprays.

What does Belknap Landscape do? Ask Thomas Stern, Certified Mauget Applicator...

"We recommend this product because it is a completely enclosed, minimal risk application method. The environment, our clients and our employees, along with the tree, all remain safe while the infestations are eliminated."

Thomas recently finished a project to save 26 mature, clumped Birch trees. Belknap's Thomas Stern, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Technician, is one of several Belknap Landscape employees Certified by Mauget to apply Mauget's Plant Health Injections.

Clumped Birch trees, infected with the Bronze Birch Borer are prepped for the Mauget treatment & subsequent planting. These trees were to be destroyed by the nursery when Belknap noticed them, stepping up with a proven solution. Our client was thrilled with the results!

Intrigued? Watch a video on the Mauget website to see how it works. On the same Mauget Website, only Belknap Landscape is listed as a Certified Applicator for the State of New Hampshire!

Leopord Moths - found right here in the Lakes Region

After treating a local Oak tree and finding one of the huge larve of a leopord Moth, we checked in with the Northeast Plant Diagnostic Network (NEPDN) UN . These moths are common to New England as they they are a woodpeckers favorite food. The larvae do kill young trees. In fact, they attack over 50 different species of trees, Oak and apple the most common targets. If left untreated just one of these incsects can kill a nice tree in your yard or at your business, in weeks time. Don't let that happen to you - call or write to BLC's Thomas Stern for a free, no obligation property inspection from the Turf to the Trees!

Will we see the Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) in the Lakes Region?

Treatments made as part of the USDA Asian Longhorned Beetle eradication program in Massachusetts and New York were completed in June. We are surrounded! Over 38,000 trees were treated in the Worcester, MA area with inoculations from Mauget. In New York another 39,000 trees were treated by Mauget-Certified applications.

The USDA estimates that there will be about 5 more years of treatment in the Massachusetts area as a small infestation of ALB was found in Jamaica Plain in Massachusetts, just across from the Arnold Arboretum. Six infested maple trees were found so far, in close proximity to each other, and have already been removed by USDA/DCR. Surveys will continue to determine the extent of the infestation...

If the ALB does show it's horns here in NH, depend on Belknap Landscape to provide the best prepared people, Certified to apply proven, safe and effective treatments.

Learn more about Belknap Landscape's plant health care capabilities at the BLC Plant Healthcare webpage.

Have a tree problem and need a Free Consultation? Contact Thomas Stern, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Technician and Mauget-Certified Applicator at 603 737-0015, ext 916 or via email at .

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