Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What’s New and Exciting? Stonemakers™ Vertical by Belknap Landscape Architectural Masonry

Stonemakers™ Vertical by Belknap Landscape Architectural Masonry.

Transform ugly walls into a landscape focal point!

Belknap Landscape Company (BLC) is happy to introduce the latest addition to the Stonemakers™ Product Line - Stonemakers™ Vertical. What can we do with it? In Belknap, Grafton and Carroll NH counties we have the exclusive ability to make boring walls look fabulous - any kind of wall, as you'll see reading on...

Here BLC Masons apply StoneMakers Vertical on an unsightly poured concrete retaining wall, hand carving a block design into the concrete. Indestructible when finished! Here a granite cap tops off the wall...

As long as you have a solid sub-strate - a solid surface or medium to which Stonemakers™ Vertical is applied, you can run it as high as you want, up to 3” in thickness. Once it is applied you have up to 3 hours to work with it, and you can carve any pattern as deep as the thickness of the application. Some prefer the look of manufactured stone, others like field stone while others like a repetitive cobblestone look. No forms here - all hand sculpted so your vertical wall is the only vertical wall of it's kind!

Our preparation is key. The surface will be scrubbed clean with the appropriate chemicals and rinsed well. If necessary, we will to prep the area with wire mesh, fastened to the wall per the manufacturer's specifications, apply a "bonder" and apply scratch coat and then let cure for 24 hours. We then apply another coat of bonder, let it dry and get ready for the StoneMakers Vertical mix...

Here's another example of an older shorefront property with a retaining wall in need of a face lift.  We accomplished this, to the property owner's delight, in just a few days! 
A shorefront retaining wall
with no redeeming qualities...

StoneMakers Vertical is a rubberized polymer  much like soft sand in your hands. Safe to touch, this is mixed with Portland cement and water to a consistency of snowballs. BLC masons will then put the mixture on the wall and let it cure before smoothing it out to the desired thickness. Now they are ready to create pattern chosen by the customer!

We'll cover the entire area with plastic for a day to cure and return to remove the plastic and allow it to dry for four hours before coloring and sealing.

Professionally finished, in this case,
with optional natural stone caps - 3 inch thick granite!
For more information or for a no obligation quote for your home or business, please contact:
Craig Wentworth, Masonry Division Manager at: or dial 603 455- 5904.


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