Monday, April 12, 2010

Belknap Landscape - The Right Tools and The Right Training

Belknap Landscape offers its clients and professional partners comprehensive site work services that integrate with the finished landscape for optimum results. The planning and development of any project starts with the site work and is the key to its successful completion. We offer construction techniques that fit the most challenging site conditions with creative solutions that are both practical as well as environmentally appropriate.

Sometimes our clients ask that meadows be planted with wilflowers, a daunting task without the correct tools and training. Belknap Landscape's equipment fleet includes a Brillion agricultural seeding machine, operated by skilled BLC employees. Not many NH Landscape Design-Build companies can say that, if any. Utilizing the right equipment ensures good soil-to-seed contact for improved germination, critical for such landcare improvement investments.

Belknap Landscape  provides services to many Lakes Region, NH high profile properties, the owners of impeccable taste.  We choose, therefore, the very best wildflower seed supplier in New England - Vermont Wildflower Farm in Charlotte, Vermont.

Chris and Diana at Vermont Wildflower only offer exclusive, hand packed proven mixtures and premium wildflower seed.

All mixes at the farm are their own proven exclusive wildflower mixtures based on working with hundreds of thousands of customers for 30 years. All Vermont Wildflower seed comes from within the United States, too.

Nice people. They are always offering specials for any size wildflower planting, so be sure to check out Vermont Wildflower Farm!

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