Friday, April 9, 2010

Focus on Safety Continues...

Belknap Landscape's intense focus on Employee Safety as the primary aspect of our daily work schedule continues. BLC showed this to us by the investment made in the Commercial Vehicle Driver Refresher Course for those employees who drive a company vehicle, followed by a General Driver's Education session and First Responder's training - both at the 2010 Employee Orientation.

Employee safety training expanded further this week with training on the proper use of a Fire Extinguisher - on a live fire!

Lieutenant Rick Andrews of Gilford Professional Fire Fighters Local 3517 lead the training class, assisted by three other firefighters and specially designed propane-fed practice fire equipment.  Those attending the 1st session learned...

All fires can be very dangerous and life-threatening. Your safety should always be your primary concern when attempting to fight a fire.  Before deciding to fight a fire, be certain that:
  • The 911 operator has been called
  • Everyone is clear of the fire / out of the structure
  • The fire is small and not spreading - fires double in size within two to three minutes
  • You have the proper fire extinguisher for the burning material
How to Fight a Fire Safely:
  • AFTER Dialing 911
  • Pull the safety pin
  • Ensure your fire extinguisher works with a quick squeeze
  • Always approach the fire with an exit at your back and upwind of the fire and smoke
  • Aim at the base of the fire and use a sweeping motion
  • Don't turn your back on the fire when exiting
  • Be sure to watch the area for awhile to ensure it doesn't re-ignite. 
We anticipate a roll-out of additional Fire Safety Training classes soon.

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